Student Scientific Writing Competition Winners: Preparation to move on to District(B) Level

By Mandeep Kaur Gill

Editor -

BANDUNG, Bandung Institute of Technology will represent 3 teams in the Student Scientific Writing Competition 2008 on district level, organized by Ditjen Dikti. ITB is part of District B consisting of West Java, Central Java, DIY and Kalimantan. The three teams selected were winners from a selection of projects and presentations carried out on April 19 2008 at Vila Merah Jalan Tamansari. IPA Field won by Agus Heroedin from Chemical Engineering 2005. Educational Knowledge Field was won by Jaka Arya (NIM 13204162). IPS field was represented by a team whose members were Yusuf Putra Nugraha, Gilang Fardanea and Alit Dewanto, FTTM students of 2007. IPA’s paper was titled Direct-Use Geothermal for Akar Wangi Industri in Kabupaten Garut. The paper by Educational Knowledge was titled Homeschooling Network Model Making with Curriculum and Methods based on Local Excellence as Alternative Education to Increase Quality of Life. For IPS field, the paper presented was titled Teluk Wondoma Region’s Tourist Development based on Reversed Screening. This paper was specially done to offer alternative solutions for Teluk Wondoma which is growing to be a candidate of a tourism district with the bases of diverse cultural integration as main factor of tourism development. During the Yusuf-Gilang-Alit presentation, they introduced a system to handle tourists called Feedback System as an alternative method with is hoped to be able to solve problems of tourism development effectively. At this moment, the three teams presenting are handled directly WRMA Non Curricular Activities Office. Besides this, all kinds of flaws in writing rules are directly being undone by Sosiotechnology. This district level competition will be held from 2-4 June 2008. IPA field organized in STT Telkom Bandung, Educational Knowledge in Yogyakarta and IPS in University of Tarumanegara Pontianak. With this science writing, student are hoped to be more critical and analytical in issues that are released and can come up with creative and useful solutions.

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