Amrus Natalsya and Bumi Tarung : Uncover Indonesia History in the 60s

By kristiono

Editor -

BANDUNG, – After book discussion on June at the Sanggar Bumi Tarung, Reform Art Management (RAM) had re-organized book discussion titled "Amrus Natalsya dan Bumi Tarung" at the Soemardja Art Gallery FSRD ITB, Wednesday (31/7) at noon. Misbach Tamrin’s book which contains historical data of art work and political constellation since 1960 is display within Amrus Natalsya biography ingredients. Political situation around 1960 tend to show series of fact which today remain uncertain. We can argue because on that time Indonesia had an awesome political intricate. However, history seems not able to reach the thing directly. The rest question is why does artist put no concern over the political matter at time? On 1961, Amrus Natalsya along with his friends, Isa Hasanda, Misbah Thamrin, and Joko Pekik from Indonesia Fine Art Academy (ASRI) found Sanggar Bumi Tarung somewhat under People Cultural Council (Lekra) in Jogjakarta. Lekra was renowned cultural institution due to its activity in supporting political education for the artist. Lekra was supposed to have had pure concept about how and where Indonesian culture are directed. Indonesian is part of world citizen. On that time (1961) our people were still in combat between neo-colonialism and socialist power, or it often called ‘old deforce’ versus ‘neforce’. ‘Neforce’ is socialist power, progressive nationalist, and anti-oppression people. ‘Old deforce’ is colonial capitalist. Indonesian was mainly act as labor and small farmer. Thus become the foundation of Sanggar Bumi Tarung to describe the role of labor and farmer in struggle. “From academic point of view, the book had some urgency, among of them are the historical fine art and political facts in the 1960 era which count to complete Indonesia’s fine art history. Afterall the book is also provides theoretical confirmation upon political supposition that distort Indonesian history understanding”, Bambang Subarnas said. Also present on the seminar were Heru Hikayat as moderator, Aminudin Siregar, and Alex Supartono. The book discussion is chain element of book launching titled "Amrus Natalsya dan Bumi Tarung". Hopefully, the book could give prominent contribution for truth confirmation over Indonesia history.

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