Improve Writing Skills, KKIK ITB Held Workshop on Academic Writing Purposes

By Shabrina Salsabila

Editor -

BANDUNG, - From the four literation skills which are writing, listening, speaking, and reading, writing is judged to be the literation skill Indonesian most lack. Based on that outlook, ITB Research Group of Humanities (KKIK) from Faculty of Art and Design cooperated with ITB Partnership and International Affair Directory and Regional English Language Office (RELO) United States Embassy held a workshop about academic writing in English, "Academic Writing Purposes". The workshop was held at Thursday (06/03/14) in Audia Visual Room, ITB Center Library. This workshop was welcomed enthusiastically by the participants which is consisted of lecturers and students from some universities in Bandung such as UNIKOM, UNPAD, ITENAS, UNPAR, IT Telkom, and ITB itself.

"Our aim to hold this workshop is to increase teaching and academic writing skills in English for citizens, especially for ITB academic community," said Dr. Prima Roza, S.E, M.Admin., head of the committee. Event that was held since 9 pm until 12 pm, was delivered attractively by Dr. Charles Hall, English teacher from RELO.

"How to learn reading in English is to start read, how to learn listening is to start listen, how to learn speaking is to start habituate speak in English, yet to learn writing is by start to read," said Charles. "This is actually the problem for Indonesian, still lack of reading, we can not write what we haven't read," added Charles.

In the workshop, Charles also discussed various matters concerning akademic writing in English such as collocation, the types of scientific papers, writing in the context of high and low context, and the issue of plagiarism. "If you want your writing to be published in the international journal, the format is a very important fundamental. They (editor of the international journal, ed.) Will not see the content of your posts when the format itself is not appropriate," said Charles. The workshop was held with all participants participate actively to practice immediately what was discussed in the workshop.

"It was very interesting, the speaker is able to make us focus on this activity, it is appropriate for beginners who want to start writing in English, but unfortunately time," said Euis Reliyanti, graduate students English language courses Univeritas Padjadjaran, workshop participants "Writing Academic Purposes ".

New Program of ITB Humanities Research Group

After conducting some routine training activities and seminars as well as publicizing the journals about Humanities, KKIK ITB has plan to create new courses at ITB. "In the future, we hope that KKIK could establish a new course in ITB as Science, Technology, and Society (STS) program, which aims to improve the quality of human cultures based on the value of art, science, and technology," said Dr. Tri Sulistyaningtyas, Hum., lecturer in KKIK ITB. STS is the science program that focuses on issues of social and technological relations. "Multidisciplinary like this not exist in Indonesia," said Tyas. In the future KKIK plans to set up three laboratories which are forensic linguistics, genolinguistik and insurance, and the art science technology auditing.

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