Earth Day ITB 2014: Devotion Action for Earth

By Bangkit Dana Setiawan

Editor -

BANDUNG, - In commemoration od Earth Day, Faculty of Earth and Science Technology (FITB) ITB held Earth Day 2014 event on last Tuesday-Monday (15-21/04/14). This event is lead by Muhammad Mahlan (FITB 2013) and the goal is to invite all of academicians ITB and also society to understand the human obligation for taking care of the earth. Natural disaster such as landlslides, hurricanes, forest fires, earthquake, floods are the negative impact of lack of concern for human beings to car for the earth.
Earth Day 2014 event consisted of a series event that promotes togetherness, inship, and education for improving the careness to the earth. With the theme "An Action as the Proof for You, Earth". This even is started by pre-event activities on Tueday (15/04/14) which aim to gain attention from academician ITB for Earth Day 2014 event. This event continued by doing community service and to clean ITB campus on Friday (20/04/14). The goal of this stand is to invite society in Bandung to involve in Earth Day 2014 event, and it also educate society so that they realize about exploitation of natural resources through always keeping the earth.

At the peak of Earth Day 2014 event which is held on Moday (21/04/14), commitee showed teatrical show which is played by FITB student, several performances and ended by reflection that lead by Mohhamad Jeffry Giranza (Geological Engineering 2010) as president of cabinet ITB association 2014/2015. Although the rain had fallen during the event, comitee and participants of Earth Day 2014 still had the sipirit to follow the event. " Earth problem is not just problem for the academician of Faculty of Earth Science and Technology, but the problem is beloged to all of us," said jeffry as the closing of Earth Day 2014 event.


Source of Documentation: from few sources.

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