Katsuhiro Nakamura Give Public Lecture About Nanoscience

By Ninik Susadi Putri

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - On Tuesday (03.02.14), the Scientific Committee future Home Forum Professor of ITB held a public lecture by Katsuhiro Nakamura filled. He is a Professor of the Faculty of Physiscs, National University of Uzbekistan as well Emeritus Professor of Osaka University, Japan. Public lecture was attended by professors, lecturers, and students of master and doctoral programs take place at the ITB ITB Scientific Meeting Hall, Jl. Measure Dipati Bandung. In that occasion, Katsuhiro deliver material titled "Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Nanoscience".

The topic of nanoscience was deliberately raised at a public lecture that day because of nanoscience is one of the emerging scientific field. "The trend at the present time is simplified materials. Therefore, started engineered down to the molecular or atomic level that can be done through science nanoscience," said Prof. Dr.net.rar Bobby Eka Gunara, M.Sc., Secretary of the Commission on the Future Skills Forum Professor of ITB. "Nanoscience can also be applied to a very wide field, ranging from genetic engineering, medicine, to devices such as processors of information devices, "he added.
Bobby explained that the molecular or atomic engineering can make the performance of a material to be better. He cited the atomic engineering in silicon crystals are used as the processor. After the atomic engineering is done, the processor speed has increased dramatically from normal processor speed. In addition to the device information, nanoscience applications in the medical field also brings advantages. "One of nanoscience applications in this field is to manipulate the molecular structure of the drug so that its size becomes smaller. With the reduction in the size, the solubility of the drug will be greater and the healing process will work better," said Bobby. He added that the presence of nanoscience has sparked a technological revolution and Indonesia are being spurred him towards the technological revolution. Thus, an introduction to the new field, especially nanoscience, needs to be done.

Public lecture which lasted for half an hour is actually incidental, Katsuhiro coincided with a visit to several universities in Indonesia such as ITB, Padjadjaran University, University of Indonesia, and Bogor Agricultural University. The event is the first public lecture organized by the Scientific Committee future Home Forum Professor of ITB after the commission was formed late in 2014 ago. The plan, in August 2015. The commission will also hold an open discussion about a scientific field that presents the domestic speakers.

Bobby hoped, with the convening of a public lecture the ITB can be a pioneer development of nanoscience in Indonesia and the world. "Things like this should continue to be made and supported as the progress of science is a form of independence by the nation," he said at the end of the interview.

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