Obituary of Prof. Nang Primadi Tabrani

By Adi Permana

Editor -

BANDUNG, – Institut Teknologi Bandung is grieving over the passing of one of its lecturer in Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD), Prof. Dr. Nang Primadi Tabrani on Tuesday (12/3/2019) at 00.03 at Advent Hospital, Bandung.

Farewell ceremony was conducted in Aula Barat of ITB and was attended by rector, vice rectors, lecturers, students, families, and other guests. The ceremony is to pay “final respect” to Prof. Primadi’s for his services, devotion, and dedication to ITB, the country, and the community during his life.

“We have lost a teacher that we respect, the God Almighty loves him so much that He calls him earlier,” said the Rector on the eulogy.

During his active years, Prof. Primadi had a long journey in his career. He was well-known as a polite and respectful person to all people. He had earned lots of achievements and conducted services to community and the country.

Rector of ITB expressed his deep condolences to the family of Prof. Primadi. May God Almighty accept all his kindness and condone his misdeeds. “May he rest on the best place alongside God Almighty. To the family, we pray that God Almighty confer upon you fortitude and patience, and you accept his departure whole-heartedly and with full trust to God Almighty,” he concluded.

Dr. Pindi Setiawan, Prof. Primadi’s son, represented the family and expressed his thanks for all kindness and prayers meant for Prof. Primadi. After the ceremony, a funeral was held at General Cemetery Cibarunay.

Prof. Primadi was born in Pamekasan, Madura on 16th December 1935. After graduating from high school in 1954, he continued his study to Undergraduate Visual Art Program of ITB in 1970, and to Doctoral Visual Art and Design of ITB in 1991. His scientific fields during his lecturing years were visual art education, visual communication, creativity, audio visual, and visual language. His fields of interest were Children’s visual art education, Children’s drawings, Creativity and learning process, relation between science-technology-arts, and history of culture.

He retired from civil service and lecture after his 70th year old birthday on 1st October 2005. After retirement, he remained teaching as adjunct lecturer until 2019. He was known as the person who brought Hockey to Indonesia and popularize it among ITB students. He once served as the coach of Indonesia’s national hockey team during SEAGAMES in Manila and Brunei.

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