Learning Inspiration from Independent Director of PT. Holcim, Lilik Unggul Raharjo

By Adi Permana

Editor -

BANDUNG, tib.ac.id – People say age is just a number. It is not a reason to stop learning. That message is delivered by Lilik Unggul Raharjo, a graduate from Global Leadership Class, Master’s Program in Business Administration of SBM-ITB Jakarta campus. His learning spirit remains high on his senior age and on his position as an executive in a big company.

“If we want to fill our life with precious things then we should not stop learning, no matter how old we are and what position we hold. To me, coming back to academic world is a recharge to begin a new journey in my life after dozens of years leaving my college,” Lilik said on Tuesday (2/4/2019).

Lilik said that, during his study in Master’s Program he gained new insight, especially on business and technology. It is also a chance for him to widen his network because there he met people of different generations, different backgrounds, and different job positions. “Besides to motivating myself, I hope to also motivate people around me such as my children,” said the man born on 16th August 1965.

On his thesis, Lilik discusses about the challenge and opportunity of building material industry in Indonesia related to the industrial revolution 4.0. It is relating to the mapping industry 4.0 and its relevance to material industry. “What is the challenge, the opportunity? All of those are mapped to find the solution,” he said. With the thesis, Lilik graduated with cumlaude.

Lilik was graduated together with other 450 graduates on Second Graduation of ITB Academic Year 2018/2019 on 5th April 2019 at Sasana Budaya Ganesha. “We have to always be ‘open’ if we want to progress, because from my interactions as a student there are many lesson that we can learn outside of classroom. The various professions, positions, and educational backgrounds of each student is an effective way to enrich our mind,” he concluded.

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