A Team of ITB Students Earn an Achievement in Chemical Product Design Competition

Oleh Adi Permana

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BANDUNG, itb.ac.id – Students of Institut Teknologi Bandung named Anastasia Yuandy, Rizky Gilang Kurniawan, Athaya Hafizh Muhammad, and Bagas Nurseno won the 2nd place of Chemical Product Design Competition (CPDC) held by Universitas Indonesia on 21st-23rd March 2019. The international competition carried the theme Solving Global Issues by Creating Enhanced Products for Daily Use.

Anastasia and her team had prepared it long before the competition. “First we looked for problems regarding sustainability, which is the theme of the year. After we looked for references, we get interested in the issue of stunting in Indonesia. We brainstormed a product that can tackle the problem. And then we conducted literature study and made the prototype,” said Anastasia.

Their creative idea in tackling stunting issue brought the team to the final and won the 2nd place of CPDC. The competition is held annually, and each year Chemical Engineering Students Society of ITB send their representatives.

As all members of the team are final year students in Chemical Engineering, time management is important during the competition. They had to manage their heavy schedules while preparing for their final assignment as a student. Fortunately, the team managed their time and focus well between their academic schedule and the competition, despite sacrificing their rest.

“When announced as the 2nd place winner we were surprised,” said Anastasia. The team is grateful for their achievement, because since beginning there are constraints they have to face during the competition. The first place was won by representatives of UGM.

They got many lessons from their participation in the competition. Besides getting new insights and knowledge on Chemical Engineering, they learnt about solidarity between each team member and get new friends from various universities. “After the competition ends, we want to focus on our final university year while taking some time to develop the product further,” she said.

Reporter: Diah Rachmawati (Industrial Engineering 2016)

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