Earth Run 2019, Running while Picking Up Trash

Oleh Adi Permana

Editor -

BANDUNG, – Students of Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology (FITB) of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) class of 2018 for the first time held Earth Run on Sunday (7/4/2019). Earth Run is an event of running while pickup up trash as far as 5.2 kilometer.

The event is a part of Earth Day 2019 where runners started from Forest Walk Babakan Siliwangi to Main Gate of ITB Ganesha campus. Earth Day 2019 emphasized on people’s awareness to environmental issue. Hence, with Earth Run 2019, the Earth Day 2019 is not merely an appreciation towards International Earth Day.

Earth Run is a fun run that persuade people to keep their environment clean by picking up trash as far as the route. The event was participated by 396 people from various ages and hometowns, including Yogyakarta and DKI Jakarta. Participants brought soluble plastic bag made of cassava that will not harm the environment.

There are two categories of Earth Run 2019 Winners. The first is for the fastest, given to the first runner to reach the finish line. The second is earth saver category, given to runner with the most trash collected. The first category won by Indra Diva and Daffa Kusuma Putra, while the second category won by Faisal Riyagung, who collected 2.8 kilogram trash and Billy Tamadi, who collected 1.96 kilogram trash.

After the run, Earth Run 2019 concluded with a workshop about trash management led by Nautika Unit of ITB and Department of Environment and Sanitation (DLHK) of Bandung. They addressed several things such as good waste management that minimize the amount of waste and persuasion to care for environment.

“Hopefully the event will continue under students of FITB class of 2019 or by the communities because we get positive response. In total, accumulated trash is 10 kilogram,” said Muhammad Khalifah Buwana as the Head of Earth Run 2019 Committee. He also hopes that what the participants got that day can be applied daily.

Reporter: Rizana Salsabila (ITB Journalist Apprentice 2019)

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