ITB Talks, Greet ITB Academicians

By Adi Permana

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BANDUNG, - Rector and Board of Trustees Institut Teknologi Bandung held an ITB Talks event with the theme "Greeting ITB Academicians" in the West Hall of ITB Campus, Jalan Ganesa, No. 10 Bandung, Wednesday (5/13/2020). The event was held via video teleconference and streamed live on ITB Youtube channel.

ITB Talks has an agenda to introduce ITB's organizational structure, reveal to community service activities related to COVID-19 which are currently and has been carried out, socialization of the Mawas Diri Application (, reveal to developments program in developing of ITB Cirebon Campus, and socialization of Learning Management Edunex System (LMS). This first-ever event, in this current condition, was intended for lecturers and also attended by the Chairperson and Members of the Board of Trustees, Academic Senate, and Professors.

ITB Rector, Prof. Reini Wirahadikusumah, Ph.D., in her greet speech, conveyed at this time ITB had been carrying out a variety of restrictions on activities for two months, carrying out social distancing and work from home in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 outbreaks. Maintaining the continuity of academic activities, ITB has run a digital or online learning system and provides support facilities for students to remain able to participate in digital learning optimally. The lecturers have made various contributions to the development of these learning methods through the implementation of digital/online classes.

"In the field of research and public devotion, ITB researchers have been working hard to contribute to the treatment of COVID-19 starting from the outlining the prediction models, development of virus infective tools to the manufacture of protective equipment against virus infections. ITB alumni have also shared in providing various forms of help for students. For the progress and contribution of all ITB academicians, I give my deep appreciation and gratitude, "she said.

Related to the current situation, Rector said, there are several things that need to be considered together. First, ITB needs to continue developing digital/online learning systems as an effort to transform from conventional learning systems. "Digital / online learning systems are certainly not a substitute for conventional learning systems. But with a digital/online learning system we hope it will enrich the learning process, as well as expand the outcomes and impacts of the ITB learning system," she said.

Secondly, the various contributions of ITB researchers in managing COVID-19 showed that ITB had great potential in the field of medical science & technology. In such conditions, ITB has the potential to play a leading role in strengthening the nation's resilience in health and medical fields. In addition, science and technology research in health and medical fields also has the potential to open up wide space for international research cooperation and strengthen the role of ITB at the regional level (Asia).

Furthermore, related to the post-outbreak phase of COVID-19, various regions in Indonesia now face challenges to make recovery in the production sectors. Science and technology-based creativity and innovation can offer opportunities to accelerate the recovery of other production sectors. "ITB has great potential to contribute in formulating steps to recover the production sectors," she explained.

Development of ITB Cirebon Campus

Related to the construction of ITB Cirebon Campus, Prof. Reini explained that since 2016 there have been three study programs opened at ITB Cirebon Campus, namely Industrial Engineering Study Program, Regional and Urban Planning Study Program, and Craft Study Program. Starting in 2020, ITB opened one more study program, Oceanography Study Program.

Rector also added ITB Cirebon Campus will be in two locations are Arjawinangun which will stand a campus area of more than 30 hectares and Watubelah which is covering an area of 4,000 square meters. The campus in Arjawinangun is for undergraduate study programs, while in Watubelah it is for graduate and doctoral study programs. Prof. Reini expressed his gratitude because the construction had begun, such as the construction of roads, electricity, and construction of the Multifunction A Building.

Edunex LMS socialization

At the ITB Talks event, Vice-Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. Jaka Sembiring, M. Eng., socialized LMS Edunex ITB. The system is present in supporting lectures at ITB online. Edunex itself was adopted and developed specifically to support ITB lectures as well as external and regular programs such as the free campus learning program from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic Indonesia. The Edunex LMS program is specifically designed so that ITB lecturers find it easy to use and can meet the needs of the latest lectures. 

According to Prof.Jaka, as technology advances and human civilization, education in the 21st century will have a different paradigm. ITB should be a national element playing a role in preparing human resources in accordance with the era that will play a role in the next 30-40 years. "Curriculum content and lecture delivery are key. We must strengthen the initiatives that initiated by the previous rector," he said.

In closing, the Secretary of the Institute, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ir. Widjaja Martokusumo conveyed several achievements that have been achieved, such as the achievements of students at international and national levels, the achievements of teaching staff or lecturers, and the ASAHI Glass Foundation which provided research grants for 14 projects at ITB. In addition, Prof. Widjaja also explained ITB ranking according to QS World University Ranking and Time Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking.

"We hope that everyone can meet again on our beloved campus. ITB Talks is one of the models for communication. This is the first event, we will hold a meeting like this again, especially in a pandemic like now, "he concluded as well as closing the event.

Reporter: Adi Permana
Translator: Elisabeth Sirumapea  

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