Two ITB Professors Got Awards from The Hitachi Global Foundation 2020

By Adi Permana

Editor Vera Citra Utami

BANDUNG,—Two professors from Institut Teknologi Bandung will receive an award from The Hitachi Global Foundation Asia Innovation Award 2020 for the result of their research. The announcement was made on October 30th, 2020, by Ishizuka Tatsuro, President of The Hitachi Global Foundation.

The professors are Prof. Dr. Tati Latifah Mengko from the School of Electrical Engineering (STEI) and Informatics who will receive the “Outstanding Innovation Award” and Prof. Dr. Gede Suantika from the School of Life Sciences and Engineering (SITH) who will receive the “Encouragement Award”.

“Hitachi Global Foundation Asia Innovation Award is our new program which recognizes outstanding achievements for research and development in the fields of science and technology. This program also encourages social implementation with the goal of contributing to the SDGs,” Ishizuka Tatsuro said in a statement received by the Bureau of Communication and Public Relations ITB.

For the Hitachi Award 2020, Prof. Tati Mengko will be awarded for the development of NIVA (Non-Invasive Vascular Analyzer) Cardiovascular Disease Early Detection Tool. Besides Prof. Tati Mengko, Prof. Gede Suantika will also be awarded for the development of Hybrid Zero Waste (ZWD) – Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), a closed aquaculture system for super intensive breeding of shrimps and its continuous implementation for shrimp farms across Indonesia.

Reporter : Adi Permana
Translator : Verdyllan Nurendra Agusta

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