ITB Graduated 2,181 Graduates at Second Graduation Period in April 2021

By Adi Permana

Editor Vera Citra Utami

BANDUNG, -Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) held an online session of ITB's Second Graduation Ceremony for the 2020/2021 Academic Year online via Zoom platform and the official Youtube channel, Saturday (10/4/2021) in the West Hall of ITB. At the open session, the Rector of ITB inaugurated 2,181 graduates from the Doctoral, Masters, Professional Engineers, and Undergraduate Programs.

The event was opened by remarks from the Rector of ITB, Prof. Reini Wirahadikusumah, Ph.D.. In her opening speech, Prof. Reini said that the graduates would carry the responsibility and recognition of competence.

Also, Prof. Reini stated that the pandemic is still haunting us, "Although transmission rate is going down, we all need to remain vigilant and implement health protocols in a disciplined manner," she appealed.

ITB has completed the First Vaccination Program for all lecturers, educational staff, and retirees from March 22 to 24, 2021, at the Sabuga ITB. This program will also continue into the Second Vaccination Program, which will be held from April 19 to 21. The ITB vaccination program is a part of implementing the Central Government's policy, namely the National Vaccination Acceleration Policy. This policy aims to create herd immunity or group immunity.

The Impact of the Pandemic
The Rector of ITB explained that the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is more extensive than the pandemics that have occurred in the last 100 years. The social restriction measures have caused an economic contraction in various countries due to decreasing market demand. Many companies, both large, medium, and small, are experiencing oversupply and facing financial difficulties.

The World Economic Forum document presents several notes regarding economic recovery. From these notes, economic recovery will be accompanied by the emergence of hopes for new conditions or improvements to conditions in the pre-pandemic period.

During the economic recovery period, Prof. Reini continued that one of our options was to encourage the domestic economy by strengthening the capacity and role of the MSME sector. However, the economic crisis during the pandemic shows that the MSME sector cannot create added value. "In my opinion, strengthening the role of the MSME sector needs to be accompanied by strengthening the ability to innovate," said the Chancellor.

In the end, Prof Reini congratulated the graduates on the completion of their studies at ITB. Also, Prof. Reini hopes that the graduates will continue to work and think forward, and always have the spirit of leadership, solidarity, and make a real contribution to society. "In harmony, we face difficult times together. In harmony, we move forward together. In Harmonia Progressio," she said.

Reporter: Kevin Agriva Ginting (TPB, 2020)
Translator: Billy Akbar Prabowo (Metallurgical Engineering 2020)

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