Ajeng Sekar, Tendik ITB Peraih Beasiswa PasTi dan Penggagas Gerakan “Maparin Tuangeun”

In pursuing her master's degree, Ajeng received a Postgraduate Scholarship for Educational Personnel with Achievement (PasTi) from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, which is a scholarship aimed at facilitating employees who will continue their studies to the master level, especially educational personnel who work in higher education settings throughout Indonesia. Unfortunately, the quota provided is quite limited. At that time the quota provided was only about 75 people in Indonesia and Ajeng was successful in being one of the people who received the scholarship. Apart from studying, working and taking care of a family, Ajeng is also the initiator of a social movement called "Maparin Tuangeun". She explained that Maparin Tuangen (which means giving food in Sundanese) is a social movement she has done since 3 years ago with her friends, in the form of providing lunch (such as lunchbox) to the poor, the homeless, and hawkers in Bandung parks.