129,355 Alumni ITB creates generations of hope that in addition to being able to be a solution in answering all the problems and challenges of the nation, also able to speak volumes and uphold Indonesia’s reputation internationally.   Selengkapnya 
30REGIONAL COMMITTEEITB alumni have 1 central administrator named Ikatan Alumni (IA) ITB, with 30 local administrators, and 7 community administrators from Aceh to Papua and international office from several countries.  Selengkapnya 
7 Communities ITB alumni are part of various community from sport like running club and bike club (gowes) to Jazz music. Alumni Office periodically update activities and also list of data about
the community.  Selengkapnya 

ITB is home to some of the nation’s brightest and sharpest minds. Our outstanding alumni have been positively impacting the lives of others and building the world we know today. Through ITB Alumni Office, ITB graduates are able to broaden their network and collaborate in finding solutions to issues in the community. Therefore, ITB graduates are vital to the development and sustenance of the alma mater. Relive your shared experiences and stay involved with ITB by participating in donations, alumni activities, and career opportunities.

Alumni Profile


Alumni Profile

ITB has reputable alumni in various fields such as science and technology development, entrepreneurship, dan politics.


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Alumni Association ITB's Alumni share deep connections to one another through Ikatan Alumni Institut Teknologi Bandung (IAITB)
Alumni Career Pave your career path with information on vacancies, career counselling, and job opportunities from ITB Career Center
Give to ITB ITB draws strength from its graduates’ involvement