Wiranto Arismunandar

Rector of ITB 1988-1997
"I want that ITB should be more useful. ITB must be useful. Useful is the most important. Therefore, we send out the spirit of cooperation, between universities, universities and the community, and universities and the government. That's the important thing."

Kusmayanto Kadiman

Minister of Research and Technology of Republic Indonesia 2004-2009
"The important thing is ITB is known first in the world. In my opinion, to enter the world level, ITB must be heard. Look for something unique, ITB does not only produce technology (products), but also technology for human dignity. Technology is used as a place for many people"

Arief Widhiyasa

CEO & Founder Agate International
“Congratulations to ITB for the 100th years, the place where I studied, so thank you so much. After 100 years running, perhaps ITB needs a pretty big revolution. We live in the information era, why not if all the courses are being recorded and then uploaded? As such all people can watch it for free. If we want to develop Indonesia, I think ITB is the right one to be in that position and must do that.”


Researcher on Catalyst, a Professor in Faculty of Industrial Technology ITB
“There are some hopes and hopefully it will come true before I retire and nice if it coincides with the 100th year of ITB. The first is the catalyst factory, which this factory has been initiating from 2 years ago. The second one is chemical reaction engineering and catalysis laboratory has received a lot of support from The Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation since 2017. In 2020 the chemical reaction engineering and catalysis laboratory has built. Most likely also in 2020, process of bioavtur, vegetable diesel, bio hydrocarbon, and biogasoline will start the big scale implementation. Perhaps it could be our contribution from my friends and I in the chemical reaction engineering and catalysis laboratory at the 100th year of ITB.”

Susanto Imam Rahayu

Professor in Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences ITB
“Towards 100 years, ITB must defend itself as a science institution. The emphasis is in knowledge development. As such there will be a contribution from ITB to international knowledge culture. Do not emphasize on short term development, we have to see the long term. That is the point where ITB could give the contributions. Give the opportunity to the staff to develop as the researchers. The main core of university is do the research, without research it just school.”

Saswinadi Atmojo

Professor in Faculty of Industrial Technology ITB
“ITB returned to its identity that in history, ITB and the alumni have a vision which builds the future of our nation. Bung Karno, Juanda, and so on, we always pioneer something. I really hope it will not disappear. Because that is the characteristic of ITB and its alumni. Shaking the future of the nation.”

I Gede Wenten

Researcher on Membrane Technology, a Professor in Faculty of Industrial Technology ITB
"ITB must be the front line leader regarding the nation's development because I believe the prerequisite is Science and Technology. Science and Technology is the most powerful foundation to support competitiveness. So ITB has to stand as the frontliner. ITB to be responsible and it should be to guard the development of our nation in the future.”

Muljo Widodo Kartidjo

Professor in Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering ITB
“I said from the beginning “set your imagination free” as the foundation of creativity. That which will not fetter creativity. Creativity will raise the idea. A thousand ideas will become a hundred products/prototypes and will become 10 industry products. If there are not a thousand ideas, there will be no product. Do not think that if we have an idea and do not reach the end of the process is a failure. No, it is not, because that is natural law. For ITB itself I hope that if ITB wants to move towards entrepreneur university, we have to prepare everything."

Trio Adiono

Innovator on Chip Technology, Professor in School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
“Indonesia, especially ITB has considerable potential, innovation and capacity. This capacity needs to be integrated to provide solutions to the community and something that leads it, not left to run alone and needs to be facilitated. I hope ITB focuses on downstream. Downstream is to create a market for products and technology. Creating a market can be in the form of creating a national project that involves all stakeholders and the capacity of ITB.”

Budi Rahardjo

Technopreneur, Lecturer
“ITB graduates are very technical, but the quality is very good, only the communication is lacking. That’s all. In addition, ITB is a world class university. Don’t get me wrong, so many people doubt that but for me, ITB is still a world class university.”

100 Years of ITB and Engineering Higher Education in Indonesia