Sumaryanto Widayatin Elected as Chairman of The Alumni Association of ITB for 2011-2015 Periode

By Shinta Michiko Puteri

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BANDUNG, - Sumaryanto Widayatin has been elected as Chairman of the Alumni Association of Institut Teknologi Bandung (Ikatan Alumni ITB) after the election through e-voting system in the 8th congress that held on ITB campus, Saturday (03 / 12 / 11). Sumaryanto hold this mandate for 2011-2015 period. He won 3142 votes (38.19% of the total votes).

Sumaryanto is an alumnus of Civil Engineering batch 1974. When he was a college student, he served as Chairman of the Civil Student Association (HMS) in 1977 and became Chairman of the Student Orientation (OS) ITB in 1978. He bring the SUM jargon, which is "Synergy for Go Forward".

In this election, Sumaryanto, who currently serves as Deputy for Infrastructure and Logistics in the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), surpass the other four candidates, namely Amir Sambodo (Special Assistant Minister for Economic Affairs), Hermanto Dardak (Deputy Minister of Public Works), Dasep Ahmadi (Entrepreneur), and Nining Soesilo (Lecturer, University of Indonesia).

Besides held on the ITB campus, voting process held at various polling stations (TPS) that are scattered in every province in Indonesia, and some abroad. A total of 52 polling stations prepared for this four-yearly event. At the beginning of counting, Sumaryanto also won in two electoral base cities, Jakarta and Bandung.

After the vote count on Saturday night, the previous Chairman of IA ITB Hatta Rajasa and the elected Chairman IA ITB Sumaryanto Widayatin execute the handover position ceremony in the West Hall ITB. Hatta congratulate and apprecite Sumaryanto for the victory. He also warned, 'friction' between the candidates for chairman IA ITB in the election process is commonplace. "Like the other elections, it was normal. Do not let it be continuity in the future. It must be stopped here," said Hatta. The Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs hopes, in the future Sumaryanto can improve the innovation further, especially for ITB campus.

Sumaryanto promised, he will strengthen ITB with embracing all circles of people. "I'm not promising ITB will get better, but I promise IA ITB will be greater than today. Not only the university but for the welfare of the nation," he said then welcomed by applause of his supporters.

"We want to bring prosperity to ITB, not just for the alumni and almamater but also for the nation and together we can solve the poverty problem. I think the ITB alumni can contribute for that," said Sumaryanto, when given a elected chairman speech. He also says he wants to make the IA-ITB as an open forum so that his performance can be evaluated by other alumni.

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