ITB and Local Government of Musi Rawas Signed MoU

By Adi Permana

Editor -

*Rector of ITB and Regent of Musi Rawas Regency signing the MoU

BANDUNG, – Institut Teknologi Bandung signed MoU with Local Government of Musi Rawas Regency in the fields of education, research, and community service. The MoU was signed by Rector of ITB, Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi and Regent of Musi Rawas, Hendra Gunawan at Executive Meeting Room A of ITB Rectorate Building, Bandung on Monday (19/8/2019).

?Musi Rawas Regency is located in South Sumatera. The majority of people in Musi Rawas work as rubber farmers. However, the rubbers are mainly sold only as raw material and hence need further processes to boost the sector. “Our other advantage is in food sector. This regency has abundance of rice” said Hendra Gunawan in his remark.

*Regent of Musi Rawas Ir. Hendra Gunawan, MM.

He also added that Musi Rawas has palm potential. The regency also has irrigation channels that can be used to generate electricity and as tourism spot. Hence, the regent ask for ITB’s support to develop those sectors.

On the same occasion, Rector of ITB, Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi welcome the cooperation with Local Government of Musi Rawas. He said that Musi Rawas has massive potential in agriculture and plantation to enhance the community’s economy.

The rector also showed appreciation to Musi Rawas for leaving behind the status of underdeveloped region. One of the villages in Musi Rawas also earned second best nationally for village library.

*Rector of ITB, Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi

Regarding palm oil, ITB now have Catalyst Teaching Industry Laboratory located. The laboratory has produced catalysts that can convert palm oil into biodiesel, bioavtur, and biogasoline. “Catalysts produced by the lab can convert palm oil into fuel with octane number upto 100,” he said.

Moreover, rector said that ITB have the Center of Tourism Planning and Development that has tied a number of cooperation in the development of tourism sector. The importance becomes more apparent as tourism has become one of the leading sectors in Indonesia that can offer added values. “We are ready to collaborate because ITB is not only for ITB but also for the people, the country, and for the Regency of Musi Rawas,” the rector concluded.

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