ITB Opens 2 Programs related to "Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka"

By Adi Permana

Editor Vera Citra Utami

BANDUNG, - The Directorate of Non-Regular Education, Bandung Institute of Technology, held an online event namely "ITB Student Admission on International Virtual Courses Program and Permana Sakti Freedom to Learn Program of Independent Campus Year 2020", on Friday, November 6, 2020. 

This activity was attended by Rector of ITB, Prof. Reini Wirahadikusumah, PhD. In her remarks, Prof. Reini said that ITB had started an independent learning program long ago before the Ministry of Education and Culture initiated it in early 2020. ITB students themselves have taken part in student mobility programs at several well-known universities abroad to take several courses or related to research.

"At the same time, ITB welcomes foreign students to participate in some of our academic activities. Our lovely campus also encourages students to participate in Thematic KKN. Some students also wish to become teaching assistants at universities that work closely with ITB during semester breaks, including in several remote areas in Indonesia.

The rector added that ITB also strongly encourages its students to be involved in apprenticeship and conduct research related to their final assignments in the industry. To facilitate these activities, ITB has been engaged with industries, both domestic and foreign companies, to select ITB students.

*Rector of ITB, Prof. Reini Wirahadikusumah, PhD

"Currently,  we already made MoUs with many national and international companies. We want to ensure that our students are fully supported in exercising their right to study from outside our institution for a maximum of 40 credits," she said.

ITB's student mobility program is held in three ways. At first, ITB will participate in national student mobility programs, such as the Permata Sakti MBKM program and others. Second, ITB organizes the "Free Learning" Program, which is dedicated to the transfer of knowledge and entrepreneurship programs from ITB. And third, ITB manages the "Independent Learning" program which is not only attended by ITB students but also international students. This program is essential in increasing the number of international students at ITB.

Reporter: Adi Permana

Translator: Billy Akbar Prabowo (Metallurgical Engineering, 2020)

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