The Undergraduate of Management Program offers a unique learning process that combines technical skills in business and management with soft skills in leadership, ethical behavior, and innovative thinking. This program provides an international program and a non-international program. This program takes three years to complete.

Research Topic
The curriculum for the first year is designed for students to be open-minded and have a broader spectrum of thinking in the context of a diverse global community. In the second year, the program provides more technical components of management studies. Students pursue real business experience in a course called Integrated Business Experience for the non-international program and Integrated Business in Asia for the international agenda. In the third and final year, non-international students take elective courses based on their chosen major and in line with their future career plans. The elective courses include finance, marketing, operation, and human resource planning.

International students will follow a Double Degree or Double Exchange program for 12—18 months in the third and final year. The international experience is the core of the third stage, as students learn in partner universities across Europe and Asia. Students are required to take their elective courses and experience life and learning in an international setting in partner universities like the University of Hull (UK); IESEG School of Management (France); Rennes School of Business (France); Kedge Business School (France); University of Groningen (Netherlands), and University of Queensland (Australia).

Currently, the Undergraduate of Management study program has received an A accreditation rating by BAN PT, as well as international accreditation from The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, a 21st-century organization (ABEST21).

Career Prospect
Managers, Consultant, Entrepreneurs

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