Profession Magazine: Introduce Profession Work with Journalism Spirit

By Neli Syahida

Editor -

BANDUNG, - Journalism is growing rapidly along with the advance of information and communication technology. Journalism today is not only performed by professionals, but also those who love the world of journalism through a space of their own. Call it magazine, blogs, social media, even a simple bulletin board can be a place for a group of people with the same hobbies and journalistic purpose. In ITB, many major students' association that invites members to enter the world of journalism. In accordance with the goals itself, journalism is developed in a spirit of introducing professionalism of their major to public. Now, a lot of profession magazine published by ITB's students circulated widely in the community, as a tangible evidence of their seriousness in journalism and their spesific major.

Some of these are familiar to us, like Enviro in Environment Engineering Students' Association, Cremona in Civil Engineering Students' Association, The Planners in Regional and City Planning Students' Association Pangripta Loka, La Terre in Geophysics Engineering Students' Association, Elektron in Electrical Engineering Students' Association, Industrial Tycoon in Industrial Engineering Students' Association, Reservo in Petroleum Engineering Students' Association, Mineria in Mining Engineering Students' Association, Geosphere in Geological Engineering Students' Association. These magazines aren't only printed out, but also published in or official site.

Anas Nashrullah (Regional and City Planning 2012), Chief of Editor The Planners, said that The Planners published once in a periode of leadership. The existence of this magazine is aim to publish Regional and City Planning Students' research so that community can take the advantages from it. "We discuss mainly about city arrangement in Bandung. We criticize and give suggests to solve city problems," Anas said. Besides printed out, The Planners also can be read online in

Differ from The Planners, Cremona is just printed out. The chief of editor, Kartika Nur Rahma Putri (Civil Engineering 2011) explained that Cremona consist of 82 pages and marketed in ITB, other universities, and bookstores which have been Cremona's agency. "The main purpose of Cremona is fulfill jurnalism interest of Civil Engineering Students' Association. We dont emphasize profit because we have sponsor," Tika said. "We hope that Cremona can give the latest information about civil engineering's workfield. For community, we hope that they can understand civil engineering deeper."

Profession magazine is not only marketed in local students' association, but also students' association from other major. Tika said that it will improve profession knowledge. "Magazine is one of media to know other profession, so that we can collaborate. Maybe we can work together professionally," Tika said.

Journalism is laticce which arrange world's window. If journalism is absent, it will be hard for public to see outer world broadly. This spirit motivate ITB's students to introduce their profession to public. We hope that this spirit can inspire students and public to recognize profession each other and finally can cooperate for a better Indonesia.

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