Pushing the Renewable Energy Awareness, ITB Held a National Seminar

By Yasmin Aruni

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - As the vanguard of non-governmental institutions in Indonesia in the field of energy, ITB through ITB Energy Policy Center in collaboration with the media energipos.com held a national seminar entitled "Optimizing Development of New and Renewable Energy (EBT) Towards Sustainable Energy Security". The seminar was held as a panel discussion on Friday (27/05/16) in the ITB East Hall invited renowned speakers in the field of Indonesia energy Ir. Rida Mulyana, M.Sc. (EBTKE MEMR), Dr. Sonny Keraf (member of the National Energy Board), Dr. Herman Darnel Ibrahim (Chairman of the Board of Experts of the Indonesian Renewable Energy Society), Darwin Trisna Djajawinata, M.Sc. (Director of PT. Sarana Multi Infrastructure), Dr. Ucok W.R. Siagian (ITB lecturer), and Dr. Gumilang Retno Dewi (Head of Policy Keenergian ITB), which once served as the moderator of the discussion.

In accordance with the topic, the discussion seminar focuses on the development of renewable energy in Indonesia. ITB Rector Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi who had the opportunity to give a speech at the seminar also stressed the match. He stated that the optimization of renewable energy as fuel conscious not only for conventional fuels are dwindling reserves, but also to reduce the impact of environmental damage caused by conventional fuels. Indonesia's own target of 23 percent renewable energy as the primary energy mix mainstreaming efforts EBT as fuel. Diverse energy sources, from solar, wind (wind), geothermal, and even garbage are being developed.

Rida recognized that indeed, the implementation of renewable energy as a fuel still encounters many challenges, one of which is the lack of technology and human resources of the country for renewable energy development. Therefore, the role of universities as academic motors and innovation is expected. The share of higher education does not stop merely a technical problem, furthermore even have to be involved to management regulation.

In addition, the selection of fuel paradigm based on low prices, but ignore the environmental impact must be immediately eliminated. It's hard if you want to get started using EBT if environmental awareness have not been felt by everyone. If this awareness has grown, it is no exaggeration to say that Indonesia is not only able to achieve energy security, but also for the development of domestic energy sovereignty.

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