Yasrif Amir, the Professor from FSRD ITB, Won the Habibie Prize 2020 in Cultural Studies

Oleh Adi Permana

Editor Vera Citra Utami

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - A FSRD ITB Professor, Prof. Dr Yasraf Amir P. MA., got the Habibie Prize from Kemenristek / BRIN Republic of Indonesia. The award was given at the 2020 Best Innovative Higher Education Award in Indonesia (id: Anugerah Perguruan Tinggi Inovatif Terbaik di Indonesia Tahun 2020), in Jakarta, Tuesday, November 10, 2020.

Prof. Yasraf won the Habibie Prize in Cultural Studies. He explained that this award is a form of recognition of his thoughts in the field of semiotics which studies politics, society, philosophy, religion and science. He has published 19 books since 1997."I have been nominated since last year by the previous ITB Rectorate management, "he said.

Prof. Yasraf has studied semiotics since taking his master's degree at Central College of Art, London, England. He revealed that his studies during the master's degree were to analyze modern and post-modern cultural phenomena.

Prof. Yasraf revealed that the award he received did not necessarily make him complacent. "I am happy to be appreciated and get this award. However, even though I didn't get the Habibie Prize, I would, of course, still write. Writing is my recent job. This award adds the enthusiasm to write and initiate new things, especially in the field that I am interested in, "he explained.

Currently, Prof. Yasraf is researching the semiotic study of the symptoms of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the pandemic era. He studied virus issues, network culture, the globalization process, the effects of regional quarantine, and the influence of COVID-19 on culture in Indonesia. "Humanities concerns human behaviour, so I examine the issue comprehensively," he said to an interview with ITB Public Relations Reporter, Friday (13/11/20).Prof. Yasraf stated that the development of knowledge in every field in Indonesia is facing a big problem.

"I hope that scientists and students in Indonesia, especially from ITB, can be creative people. Innovation has not been well developed in Indonesia. Creativity does not only belong to artists, but natural and social science scientists need to be creative-minded. Technology and science products also need to develop to support the improvement of social welfare, "he said.

Prof. Yasraf said that the curriculum at ITB must be able to support students to be creative-minded so that they can become innovators in the future. However, this can be happened if ITB curriculum can provide this. "Therefore, I think that education must be flexible due to the demands of the industry today. The Kampus Merdeka Policy has advantages that can be utilized by ITB to provide the best educational services," he added.

Reporter : Billy Akbar Prabowo (Metallurgical Engineering, 2020)

Translator : Billy Akbar Prabowo (Metallurgical Engineering, 2020)

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