Chemistry is the science that studies matter and changes, covering all objects that are around us, including the cells and organs in our bodies. Therefore, chemistry is the basic capital to master a variety of fields, such as disease diagnosis and treatment, forensics,cosmetics, energy, manufacturing, waste treatment, and various other aspects of life.

In ITB Chemistry Study Program, the ability for analytical and critical thinking, problem-solving, and working together in groups are the primary targets in developing the quality of students based on scientific and professional chemistry. Therefore, Chemistry ITB graduates are ready to contribute in various sectors to solving societal problems and are prepared to synergize and collaborate in increasing chemical knowledge globally by prioritizing local wisdom.

It is hoped that the graduates of this program will have the character and personality of a social and academic person who continues to learn and is sensitive to the needs of the Indonesian people. In addition, chemistry graduates can have high knowledge and skills in various fields of chemistry to solve multiple societal problems. Remember that graduates of the undergraduate chemistry study program can communicate scientifically and develop themselves further, given the rapid development of science and technology.

Research Topics
Learning in the ITB chemistry undergraduate study program is structured in 144 credits with various subject areas, which include Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Career Prospects
Graduates of this study program can work in various industrial sectors, such as manufacturing and processing industries, education, research, trade, and other strategic industrial sectors.The Scientific Group of the Chemistry Undergraduate Study Program FMIPA ITB was accredited with excellence by LAMSAMA and RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) international accreditation in 2022. Student activities The ITB chemistry undergraduate study program has made many student achievements in various academic and non-academic competitions on the national and international levels. Accommodation for competency development and student competition is inseparable from collaboration with the community profession and local chemists, such as the Indonesian Chemical Association and ITB Chemistry Graduates Association, to increase networking between Indonesian chemists.

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