Undergraduate Program in Clinical and Community Pharmacy

General Information

Clinical and Community Pharmacy program was established in 2006, provide knowledge and skills is pharmaceutical care, implementing the concept of clinical pharmacy and management of community pharmacy that is in line with healthy paradigm, to fufil the national need of health profession. This is to provide qualified health services by three-party proffessions i.e. (medical care), pharmacists (pharmaceutical care), nurse (nursing care) and to be able in managing various pharmaceutical product and medical devices, to archieve provide primary quality service to the patient (patient oriented).

The scope of pharmacy services is continuously expanding, consequently need to educate a competent professional in all fields of pharmacy services is hardly possible. Therefore, more specific education process is needed to produce graduates to fulfill the competency requirements on how to use the medicine in all health services including in the community. The education process that give more stressing on how to use medicine is accommodated in the study program of Clinical and Community Pharmacy under The School of Pharmacy ITB that was established through rector decree no. 047/SK/K01/ OT/2006 dated 9 February 2006. Formally, the study program received new student in 2006, but they have to attend common first year courses with the same curriculum or each school or faculty.