Undergraduate Program in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

General Information

Pharmaceutical Science and Technology provide opportunity for student to acquire knowledge and skills in science and technology of pharmacy covering all aspects related to pharmaceutical products from discovery and invention, processing and development of raw material to pharmaceutical preparation. Study Program of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology focus on product oriented knowledge to fulfill the need of expertise in research, product development and quality control of pharmaceutical product and medical devices.

The study program of pharmaceutical science and technology is a continuation of pharmacy study program that was established on 6 October 1947 together with the formation of Faculteit van Exacte Wetenshap as part Universiteit van Indonesia in Bandung. Transformation of higher education institution continuously taken place but did not substantially changed the status and the content of pharmacy education program. Attempt to promote the status of organization of pharmacy education into a faculty has been initiated since ITB was still as a state university. By 29August 2005, through the Rector Decree No 222/SK/K01/OT/2005, the organization of pharmacy education was transformed into School of Pharmacy. In 2006, School of Pharmacy introduced two study programs, one of which is pharmaceutical science study program that is a new name for the xisting pharmacy study program. The study program focuses on science, technology and arts on producing a good quality of medicine. The other study program is Clinical and Community Pharmacy.