Forestry engineering is an interdisciplinary science and technique applied in bioprocess and biosystem-based engineering to maintain forest sustainability, manipulate forests for sustainable use, and build or construct new forests. Education in forestry engineering prioritizes a holistic perspective that places forests as ecosystems that must be studied in relation to various environmental, economic, and socio-community aspects.

Research Topics
The main technical competencies of forestry engineering are directed at maintaining, manipulating, and developing forests using engineering principles to achieve optimal energy and material efficiency and applying various available technologies to create and manage forests.

Admission of new students for the Forestry Engineering Study Program began in the 2012/2013 academic year. For the first time, four graduates graduated from the ITB graduation in July 2016. Currently, the Forestry Engineering Study Program has graduated 320 students, and the last batch to graduate is the class of 2018.

The Forestry Engineering Study Program carried out BAN-PT accreditation for the first time in 2016. It will carry out further accreditation in 2021. Based on the decision of BAN-PT No. 10123/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/VIII/2021, August 10, 2021, Study Program Forestry Engineering obtained the title of Superior accreditation.

Based on accreditation certificate No. 00105. Dated March 27, 2023, SITH ITB's Bachelor of Forestry Engineering Study Program was declared victorious in achieving international accredited status from the Indonesian Accreditation Board of Engineering Education (IABEE). This status is a recognition that the Bachelor of Forestry Engineering Study Program can carry out the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) process by running a quality management system based on a continuous improvement cycle.

The Undergraduate Program in Forestry Engineering, as one of the study programs of the School of Life Sciences and Technology (SITH) ITB, aims to produce superior forestry graduates who are reliable, rugged, and competent in dealing with challenges in the forestry sector and have applicative skills in engineering ecosystems to protect, manipulate, to develop, and managing forests sustainably and the products and services contained there in.

Career Prospects
  1. Graduates of the Forestry Engineering Study Program can take part in fields related to forestry, including:
  2. the forestry industry;
  3. government and private institutions;
  4. non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
  5. entrepreneurial forestry; and other professions.

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