Since 1992, the ITB Chemistry Doctoral Study Program has produced more than 90 doctors working in various universities and research institutes, some of whom have become Professors. This study program has written around 300 scientific articles in various international journals and seminar proceedings during the same period. The ITB Chemistry Doctoral Study Program has the vision to become an education and research provider that refers to international standards, whose process and product quality gains international recognition, and becomes one of the references for the direction of the development of chemistry and its applications.

The Chemistry Doctoral Program consists of three stages, namely the preparatory stage, the research stage, and the final stage. The preparation stage includes:
Lectures and independent work (with a weight of 9 credits) for mastery of science and research techniques related to the research topic to be carried out
Preparation of proposals
Qualification test to determine whether the student can proceed to the research stage.

At the research stage, students develop abilities to work independently in research and scientific communication. In the final stage, students write a dissertation to be accounted for in the dissertation examination and promotion session. 

The ITB Chemistry Doctoral Study Program (accredited A by BAN-PT) is supported by 49 teaching staff who graduated from the Doctoral Program at various universities worldwide. There are 15 staff who can promote doctoral students, including ten professors. This program is also supported by modern analysis and characterization instruments, computing facilities, libraries, and access to promising international journals or data centers, to be able to produce quality research output.

Career Prospects
Many Doctors of Chemistry graduates come from staff at educational and research institutions such as universities, the National Agency for Research and Innovation, ministry institutions, and research institutes abroad. Several reputable international and national scientific publications have been inscribed and significantly impacted globally.

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