The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences ITB offers the Doctoral Program in Mathematics for students interested in pursuing a doctorate in pure or applied mathematics. Renowned as one of the prime graduate programs in Indonesia, it stands out for its diverse range of programs and a substantial number of enrolled students.

Research Topics
At ITB's Doctoral Program in Mathematics, students embark on a journey of exploration and research at the cutting edge of mathematical science, aiming to make remarkable contributions to the field.

The program's cornerstone lies in independent research, carried out under the expert guidance of a team of supervisors. Its curriculum is structured into four distinct stages, ensuring a comprehensive and rigorous academic experience:
  1. The initial stage of the program emphasizes various course completion, including the qualifying exam. The program meticulously designs these courses to align with the student's research interests while effectively preparing them for the qualifying exam.
  2. In the subsequent stage, students are tasked with formulating a well-crafted research proposal, setting the foundation for their future endeavors.
  3. In the third stage of the program, students actively conduct research and are expected to provide regular progress reports. To complement their research, they also have the opportunity to pursue additional courses that directly support their study. In this phase, students develop their dissertations and author scientific papers, setting the stage for potential future publications.

The Doctoral Program in Mathematics has been awarded an "A" accreditation by BAN-PT, signifying its adherence to the rigorous quality standards established by the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education. This esteemed accreditation highlights the program's excellence in nurturing and producing highly competent and accomplished graduates.

The program's overarching educational objective is to cultivate graduates with profound knowledge and expertise in mathematical science, empowering them to conduct original research and make substantial contributions to the field's advancement. Equipped with the ability to tackle complex problems, analyze and interpret data, and develop innovative mathematical theories and applications, these graduates possess a wide array of promising career opportunities.

Career Prospects
Graduates of the program can pursue fulfilling careers as mathematics researchers in universities and research institutions, contribute as educators or professors in mathematics, or excel as mathematics experts in various industries and sectors. Furthermore, they have the potential to contribute to the continuous development of mathematical science through the publication of scientific works and active collaborations with fellow researchers.

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