In Harmonia Progressio ITB

“In Harmonia Progressio” is well known as Institut Teknologi Bandung’s motto that was established through Keputusan Rektor Institut Teknologi Bandung Nomor 451 / SK / K01 / OT / 2009 about the use of In Harmonia Progressio as Institut Teknologi Bandung’s motto. In Harmonia Progressio comes from Greek words, “Harmonia” means harmony or togetherness and “Progressio” means progress. When these words are being combined, the whole meaning of “In Harmonia Progressio” is a progress in harmony. Institut Teknologi Bandung is decided to use the word “In Harmonia Progressio” as its motto because it has a meaning that suitable with ITB vision and mission. By having this motto, ITB strives to continue creating an excellence progress by combining aspects of Science, Technology, Art, and Social Humanities for the development of Nation.