ITB provides a form of collaboration with various parties that will be very helpful in identifying and seeing innovation opportunities that arise from research in tertiary institutions through an Innovation Sector of LPIK ITB. The intended innovation is defined as a series of activities from technical knowledge including ideas, knowledge, and technology which are translated through a transformation into a product as physical reality and has a positive impact for the community. LPIK ITB becomes a hub in the knowledge-based innovation process that links various stakeholders from the development of innovation, such as academia, industry, government, and society.

Until 2019, there are more than 100 researches from various clusters that have been successfully accommodated by LPIK ITB. Right now, ITB is developing the ITB Innovation Park building in 2 (two) locations; the Ganesha and Gedebage areas. In addition to the physical construction of the building, the development of ITB Innovation Park also carried out human-ware development for the management of ITB Innovation Park through capacity building activities in 2017 facilitated by the Ministry of Research and Technology.