Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights (IPR) are defined as the right to obtain legal protection of intellectual property in accordance with statutory regulations, such as the Copyright, Patent, Industrial Design, Trade Secret, Plant Variety, Integrated Circuit and Trademark Law that have been ratified by ITB through the issuance of the Rector's Decree Provisions on Intellectual Property Incentives Bandung Institute of Technology Number 643 / I1.B04 / SK-WRRIM / XI / 2018. ITB has sought to implement IPR through the institutional realization in LPIK ITB that functions to develop IPR implementation strategies in the form of licensing for startups and cooperating in promotional, negotiating, cooperation contracts, Collecting Royalties and Licensee Relationship Management.

Until 2019, there are 6 (six) clusters that have been registered, certified, and commercialized through LPIK ITB, such as clusters of Transportation and Infrastructure, Energy and Environment, Smart City, Health, Food, and Life Sciences, ICT Industry, Digital Services, and Creative , and Defense and Security.