Startup ITB

A startup is a young business founded by one or more entrepreneurs that is just starting and growing with the support of digital services and still need a lot of funding to operate. ITB strives to carry out various programs related to innovation including entrepreneurship development programs, implementation of intellectual property rights, and the enhancement of ecosystems with high innovation power that is realized institutionally through the LPIK ITB organization.

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development ITB (LPIK-ITB) is an agency that established to encourage the utilization of research results in college. LPIK ITB is an institution under the coordination of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation established through Rector's Decree 104 / SK / K01 / OT / 2010, March 5, 2010. From 2010 to 2019, LPIK ITB has encouraged the birth of 95 quality businesses in the ITB environment in various fields, such as the ICT industry, digital services, creative, health, food, life sciences, energy, environment, and others.