WRMA's Website : Gateway to Scholarship Information

By kristiono

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id – Students rector representative office (WRMA) -located at Campus Centre West Wing- is now equipped with operational computer used to display ITB scholarship information. The computer is right in front of scholarship counter. Head of Welfare Students Section, Nurhejan Begum said the website along with the computer is actually the implementation of extended student service program that have been planned three years ago. “After two years monitoring, the figure show us that the student which failed got scholarship is mainly because of incomplete requisite and lack of information”, Nurhejan said. Thus, the website is expected to be an interface media so that students can easily get the right scholarship information. The website which had been launched since May 28th is not only for informational purpose but also could be used to submit scholarship application. “Many candidates had failed to complete the scholarship requirement since they have problem with academic transcript or recommendation letter. Now I hope the website will help them with online submittals”, she added. The website is product of WRMA collaboration with USDI in order to enhance the service quality. The channel is expected to bridge the gap between the scholarship and the applicant. Therefore, it could make scholarship information more accessible to the student. For further information please visit http://kantorwrma.itb.ac.id/beasiswa

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