Body Jam Using The Benefit of Fruit for Skin Health

By Ninik Susadi Putri

Editor -

BANDUNG, - In the era of globalization, technological advances now make continuous innovation activities. No exception in the field of pharmaceuticals, innovation also takes place very quickly. That is because the more diverse diseases suffered by humans as well as the multitude of people who start with the importance of health care. Students of the School of Pharmacy (SF) ITB find new innovations in the field of skin health, especially on a woman's skin.
Cosmetics today are very diverse types of products, ranging from toe to tip of the hair are certain treatments. It's just that there are cosmetics which can cause side effects to the users. There are many women who use cosmetics chemicals that are harmful to the skin or carcinogenic. Therefore, Ujang Purmana (Pharmaceutical Science and Technology 2011), Nur Azizah Fitria (Pharmaceutical Science and Technology 2011), Image Khairina (Clinical and Community Pharmacy 2010) makes Body Jam made from fruit extracts that strawberry, pineapple, and tomatoes. Fruit extract was used as the main ingredient based on the results of a survey conducted that nearly 86% of respondents were interested in skin care products derived from fruits.

Body Jam as skin care products especially for women to exploit the properties of fruits, one strawberry. Strawberries chosen because it contains a lot of good benefits for the skin. Ellagic acid content in the fruit will help immobilize the active work of the cancer cells. In addition, the content of vitamin B1, B2, A, and C are useful as anti-oxidants high to ward off free radicals. Strawberries were also believed to smooth the skin and make the skin tone brighter, cleaner, and can help prevent premature aging. The content of the pineapple and tomatoes are also no less good. Lycopene found in tomatoes which serves to remove dead skin cells and brighten and refresh the skin. While there bromelain in pineapple which possess a function similar to the lycopene in tomatoes.

"Initially we were inspired body butter, it's just that we get rid of the oil content to Body Jam," said Ujang. Many women who always want new things in beauty problems. With the Body Jam will also meet the challenges of the long-term effects that may occur. Not infrequently cosmetic side effects will appear in the future. Replacing natural materials with materials that can certainly decrease the risk. "All the materials that we use completely natural ingredients and are not harmful so it is suitable for all skin types," Ujang said. In any manufacturing process chemicals used just like a standard chemical gelling.

Sonny and his friends joined in Calita Arum also won a business plan competition organized by the School of Business and Management (SBM) ITB in April. Calita Arum ranks first in the competition with the products Body Jam. In addition to fruits favored by many people, product Body Jam was also a solution for local farmers. Local farmers can be a major supplier of materials for the cosmetic manufacturers that do not need to go through a long bureaucratic. It is expected that with the increasing number of cosmetic manufacturers that use natural ingredients to improve the lives of local farmers in Indonesia.

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