70 Years of FSRD ITB: Evaluation on Trans-discipline, Culture, and Economy in the Context of Visual Arts, Craft, and Design

By Silvi Absharina Ainun Fahrizah

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id – 70 years has the Faculty of Art and Design been officially a part of ITB. Since its establishment, FSRD has given many contribution to both ITB and the community as a center of science, art, and culture. At its 70th year commemoration, FSRD held various events from congress to alumni reunion on Tuesday-Sunday (5-10/09/17).

Taking place at Aula Barat and Aula Timur ITB, the first day saw some events, such as Educational Works, Researches, and Services Exhibition as well as international seminar, concluded with appreciation night and the launching of 70 Tahun FSRD ITB book. International seminar, the 1st Icon-Arccade 2017, was held as a discussion forum that discussed the challenge and phenomenon in the past and future visual arts, crafts, and designs entitled “Sustainability, Inter- and Trans-discipline, Culture, towards Creative Economy”. The speakers invited to the seminar were Prof. Takaaki Bando from Musashino Art University, Japan, Prof. Yasraf Amir Piliang from FSRD ITB, Ms. Chang Yueh-Siang as the curator of NUS Museum, National University of Singapore, Singapore, and Prof. Michael A. Hann from School of Design, University of Leeds, England.

Besides those three events, there is International Textile and Costume Congress (ITCC) 2017 held on Thursday-Friday (7-8/09/17) entitled “A Textile Revolution: People, Craftmanship, and Innovation”. The congress, held at Aula Timur ITB aims to give the idea and information to public about the complexity and process of textile and costume from production, craftsmanship, to the result.

Since August 16th, exhibition entitled “Different Way to Express: Simon Admiraal and the Story of Mazhab Bandung” opens at Soemardja Gallery of FSRD ITB. The exhibition held until 17 October is one of the events to commemorate 70 years of FSRD ITB. The faculty also held a reunion for its alumni in XSR-ers Gathering Day on Friday (08/09/17) as a token of appreciation for the success coming from the collaboration of many, including the students and alumni.

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