General Information

Engineering Physics (TF) is a study program which studies subjects associated with physics and technological aspects. This field of study focuses on engineering problems observed from various aspects of physics. Therefore, it is expected that many courses in Engineering Physics are similar to those in other study programs, such as in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Material Engineering.

Yet, that does not mean that an Engineering Physics graduate has no specific skills. In discussing subjects of instrumentation and control, Engineering Physics graduates are the first ones which come to mind. In the subject of acoustics, people would normally refer to them as well. Lighting is also a subject mastered by Engineering Physics graduates. They too are the icon in topics of air conditioning.

The scope of Engineering Physics is very broad. Students who are interested in music and wishes to make a representative space for music concerts may find this degree program suitable for them. Also in the thermal comfort and lighting, indoor as well as outdoor, or the study on instrumentation and control problems in processing industries, such as oil and gas industries and fertilizer industry, these subjects are studied in detail in the final year. Numerous other interesting fields of study are also available, such as optics and laser, material and material computation, ultrasonic, medical physics, imaging, and solar cell technology.

An expert in Engineering Physics should possess a strong scientific knowledge and engineering basics. Mathematical knowledge required covers calculus and engineering mathematics, probability and statistics, and numerical methods. Scientific knowledge essential in this area of study is basic sciences of physics, chemistry and biology, as well as engineering sciences which cover electromagnetism, modern and quantum physics, thermodynamics, energy conversion, electrical and electronic circuitry, wave phenomenon, transport phenomenon, and material physics. Familiarity with these subjects will be sufficient in recognizing various physical signal/symptom phases and numerous engineering systems.