Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering

General Information

Industrial Engineering is the science which studies knowledge, approaches, mindsets, principles, and skills rooted in engineering sciences and designing processes. The object designed in this field of study is not physical objects such as bridges, buildings or airplanes, but an integrated system consisting of human beings, machines, materials, energy, and information.

The main focus in this particular system design is optimizing the performance in an effective, efficient, and productive way. The term industry in Industrial Engineering encompasses banks, hospitals, offices, and various others. In this study program students will also learn the topics of management and social sciences, such as financial management, marketing management, human resources management, economy, cost accounting, and industrial psychology. These sciences are necessary to support the design process of an integrated system. It should be kept in mind that one main element of this integral system is human being. That particular knowledge is important and serves as a particular valuable competency since the science of Industrial Engineering bridges the technical aspects and the human aspects, financial aspects, organizational aspects, and more. This knowledge is also supported by educational methods which encourage the students to think critically with actual and up-to-date examples as well as group design projects. Examples of these projects are factory facility layout design, development of information system application for a company, constructing business proposals, organization management.