General Information

Meteorology is the science that studies the earth and its signs which are associated with components of the earth in the form of gas or so-called air.

We are often confused and clueless of the reasons behind sudden changes in the weather, from hot weather to rain, or why it is snowing, and so forth. This will be studied at the study program of Meteorology. Weather and climate significantly affect human lives. One example is the estimation of the harvest season by observing the weather and climate, a knowledge that has been possessed for thousand years but was yet to be scientifically explained. With the science of meteorology, it can now be explained. The other signs of nature such as the hurricane, storm, and others will also be studied at the study program of Meteorology. One will not only learn why such natural disasters occur, but also what can be done to address and minimize the impact of such natural disasters.

The study of meteorology also has relevance to other studies, for example with the study of architecture. Helped by knowledge of meteorologists, the architects can design buildings according to climate conditions. For example, in areas that are subject to frequent storm and snow, the building roof is designed with a drastic slope so that the snow will not have the chance to be piled on the top, but instead quickly slid down. Another example is the house designs in Japan that have been adjusted with their local climate and weather conditions. Because of frequent earthquakes, the best material to be used is wood, because wood material tends to be more flexible.

In addition, at the study program of Meteorology, one will also become familiar with several kinds software that are capable of predicting weather, and also the related sciences.