The Scholar's Day: Maximize Your Power

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BANDUNG. Saturday ( 10/1), ITB Student and Alumni Vice Rector ( WRMA) carried out the seminar titled "The Scholar's Day: Maximize Your Power" in  ITB Mutlifunction Building (Gedung Serbaguna ITB). This seminar addressed to scholarship receiver to improve their self quality. The event which duration about 5 hours was officially opened by Dr. Ciptati MS, M.Sc as ITB WRMA Deputy Field in Development and Character. In this opportunity, Ciptati urged the students who leave academic just because economic reason to raise deferment of college fee in deadline which have been agreed on. Peculiarly, Ciptati also introduced the scholarship " ITB For All" which is destined for 100 candidate students from various area coming and economic needy category.


Attended as speaker such as Indra Djati Sidi (Civil Engineering Lecturer), Rivandra Royono ( Engineeering Physics Alumni), and Sri Wachyuni (psychologist). Indra present the challenge of student in future in the world of professional. factually, Indra expect students to have problem solving competence, not just memorize the problem solving itself. Then, ability to work in a team and loyality to institution where his belong is also important. Hereinafter, Sri Wachyuni present the topic " Recognize Self Potency". Potency can be dug with beforehand recognize excess and weakness of self.

"Try to spend time about five minute every day to recognize ourself. You would find out many new things in yourself," She said. She continued, " The people who not at all recognize theirself can be analogize as lunatic." After comprehend ourself, we should manage it in hardskill application.

Last speaker, Rivandra Royono explained about work prospect in real world. According to him, its possible later our career have no correlation with our study. Therefore, plus point is neccesary, not just getting the A value in test. Softskill later will be dominant. This ability can be dug through involvment in campus organizations.

"Its such a loss if you come to ITB only pursuing IP (Academic Index Achievement). There is more than that," he said.

In this opportunity, peculiarly ITB Scholarship Monitoring Team represented by Ibnu Hafiz ( Oil Engineering) present the result of his study regarding scholarship target, how far the scholarship affect the improvement of IP and achievement of WRMA itself. From his study, only 7% stated improper; 54% express that their academic achievement improve after getting a scholarship.

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