Gen Expo : Realization of Imagination

Oleh Mandeep Kaur Gill

Editor -

BANDUNG, On Saturday (3/5) ITB Genshiken Unit organized a workshop and visual design exhibition titled ”Realization of Imagination”. The event was opened to the public and meant to introduce the visual culture to society. Gen Expo 2008m, held at West Campus Center is a visual picture, costume display, accessories exhibition and also had food stands. Galang G, ITB Craft Textile Design participated. Galang presented his two comics, ”true love”, published by DAR! Mizan and ”Flash Crisis” published by Bendera Megindo Komik. Besides Gilang, Panji Prakoso, comic champion in Japanese comics also participated in the exhibition. Panji, SMA 3 Bandung student presented is visual work which reflects the desire to think freely. Besides display, Genshiken also organized an open workshop for schoolchildren and students. The workshop content covered How-to-Fansub, What Visual Novel is, Manga Scanlation and Costume Making. A large portion of the work on display was similar to Japanese style visual design work. Adhi, a committee member commented that Japan is the leading visual design development trend setter.

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