Obituary: Prof. Dr. Iskandar Alisjahbana

By niken

Editor -

BANDUNG, - Innaa Lillah wa Innaa ilihi raaji'uun. Went to the Rahmatullah, the former Rector of the Institute of Teknologi Bandung era 1977-1978, Prof Dr Iskandar Alisjahbana (on his age 77) on Tuesday, December 16th 2008 at 23:08 in Borromeus Hospital Bandung.
In order to remind us about the role of Prof. Alisjahbana as Master of Communication System of Satelit Palapa, the whole family of Institut Teknologi Bandung gave their last appreciation in Aula Barat ITB(17/12). According to plan, the mourn will be held on Wednesday in Tugu, West Java.

Prof Iskandar left his wife, Prof Anna Alisjahbana, three son, and six grandchildren. Prof Iskandar was born in Jakarta on October 20th 1931, gained the bachelor degree from the Institute of Teknologi Bandung in 1954 and the Doctoral degree in 1960 from the Damstadt College in Germany.

Apart from pioneering the Palapa satellite, Prof Iskandar was known as the originator tele blackboard, a technology that could record handwriting written on the plank of electronics, and that could be sent to a remote location using radio waves or television.

Good-bye, Prof Iskandar Alisjahbana. May the good deed of yours be accepted by Allah SWT.

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