Product Design ITB Showcase Work of Four Projects

By Nida Nurul Huda

Editor -

BANDUNG , - Students design products ITB on Friday - Sunday ( 9-11/05/14 ) held an event that Design Project . The event was held at the House of PGN Braga aims to introduce more professionalism in the design of the product to the general public . Project Design The theme ' Understanding Perspective from Industrial Design View ' . The event is then divided into four projects , among others, is Market Project , Project Giveback , Student Project , and Recycle Project .
The event opened on Friday ( 9/05/14 ) at 15:00 WIB. Izzan Bachrudin ( Product Design 2010) , Chief Executive of Project Design in 2014 , said that this event is an annual exhibitions with different themes that are required by the product design course . In the four existing projects , the results exhibited by students in the field of product design ITB creation and marketing of the product , the results of academic activities , community service , and reprocessed the waste.

Student Project is a product design student exhibition ITB in academic and non- academic . The works are collected and exhibited to introduce the results of a professional product design with the capabilities possessed by ITB students . To introduce the product design market , held also exhibits Market Project . In this one project , the committee is working with alumni who have had a fairly well-known brand . In addition , the project also wants to market the process shown in the sale of goods or marketing of a product . " Market Project was triggered because many brands on the market , but only a little bit of product design profession engaged there . Kinda sad we design many products but not sell the product itself , " said Izzan explain the background made ​​Market Project .

Unlike the case with the Give Back Project . Project exhibit is derived from the works of students in community service . These works also explains how the product design profession look minorities . According Izzan , Give Back Project inversely proportional to Market Project, which saw the market , "Market only want profit , while the over look and perform devotion minority communities , " . The results of this work in collaboration with students Musashino Art University , Japan who at that time conducted a survey and workshop to Kampung Naga . Then work towards creating products made ​​from bamboo .

Next is Recycle Project that shows the design of the product in the process contribute to reducing waste and used goods . This activity would like to respond to the post- election legislative leaving many billboards are only going to be garbage . In addition , other second-hand goods that are used are used wood container which unfortunately will rot if not utilized . Interestingly , these items will be packaged in a new way that is innovative and creative . In the process , this project invites students majoring in product design at other universities to participate as Paramadina , ITS , ITSB , ITENAS , and Trisakti . The project is also a place to show that each college has different characteristics in the case of designing a product .

Izzan hope , with the implementation of the Project Design exhibition will add to the community with the introduction of product design . It also wants the fishing event ITB students interested in product design and can create new markets . " In addition to introducing keada community , we also want a product design student ITB could be the start-up and better appreciate the design of the product itself , " Izzan closed at the end of the interview .

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