Prof. Setiawan Sabana: Indonesian Famous Graphic Artist

By Ninik Susadi Putri

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BANDUNG, - ITB, especially the Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD) ITB, should be proud for having a senior artist whose work has crossed to the other parts of the world. Prof. Setiawan Sabana names until now known as a graphic artist from Indonesia who was Professor of FSRD ITB for Art Studies Program. Prof. Setiawan has often in organizing solo and group exhibitions for the work that poured through the medium of paper, some of which were held directly in the United States, Japan, Germany, and Turkey.
More recently, Prof. Setiawan held a solo exhibition at the gallery in order to browse for ITB Soemardja gait artistic journey. Solo exhibition titled "Diagnosa: Telisik Kiprah Seni Setiawan Sabana" last November has been a silent witness to the inventory gait Prof. Setiawan from graphic arts to pursue the transition to fine art paper. In addition, exhibitions lined up as the starting point for every single exhibition tradition of fine arts faculty was specifically designed to describe the figure of Prof. Setiawan in a life profile.

Prof. Setiawan Sabana: Guard Graphic Arts Indonesia

Printmaking was one of the branches of two-dimensional art work creation process using printing techniques, graphic arts usually made with paper media. Since his graduation from the Department of Graphic Arts, FSRD ITB in 1977, Prof. Setiawan known as graphic artist from Indonesia. At that time, the graphic arts was less enthused by the artist or the observer's work, but it was a challenge to cultivate love Setiawan observer artwork for the graphic arts.

To explore his graphic design techniques , Prof. Setiawan returned to continue his graduate education at Northern Illinois University, USA to take the same plane as the undergraduate program. Education was also supported by the success of Prof. Setiawan won the award as a recipient of the prestigious scholarship program the world, namely the Fulbright in 1981. No half-hearted, his chance to study in America brought Prof. Setiawan held a solo exhibition at Gallery 200 Visual Arts Building, Northern Illinois University in 1982.

After of education in America, Prof. Setiawan managed to get a silver medal at the event in Seoul International Art Exhibition organized by the Pan Asia Association, South Korea in 1984. The next year, Prof. Setiawan back took this position as a gold medalist in the same event. His skills in the field of graphic arts were invited by The Japan Foundation was to provide the opportunity for Prof. Setiawan in conducting research on contemporary Japanese graphic art for four months in 1989 in order to meet the scientific art in Japan. In addition to researching in Japan, Prof. Setiawan also held a solo exhibition at Natsuhiko Gallery, Tokyo in 1990 and in Oda Gallery, Hiroshima in 1991.

It can be said that the 1990 was the busiest year for Prof. Setiawan. How not, he successfully exhibited works internationally with solo and group exhibitions. Almost every year in the 1990s, Prof. Setiawan proudly presenting his work to the world through the exhibition. Some of them were the exhibition "International Print Exhibition" in Bangladesh in 1994, "Modernities and Memories" at the Venice Biennale, Italy in 1997, and "The Thirteen Asian International Art Exhibition" at The National Gallery, Malaysia in 1998.

Entering the millennium year, Prof. Setiawan re-equip his title by following three strata education at ITB and graduated as a doctor of Fine Arts in 2002. Their work in the world of art successfully brought Prof. Setiawan to get the Satyalancana Karya Satya XX Tahun Award of the President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2006. In addition, Prof. Setiawan also won the Special Contribution Award of Asian Art Exhibition for the outstanding contributions of the 22nd Asian Intrnasional Art Exhibition in 2007.

Motivation piece Prof. Setiawan

Men born May 10, 1951 was explained that he would not be tired to search and share. In an article, Prof. Setiawan explained his life motto: "If you want to be great, then exaggerate others'. That was, Prof. Setiawan sure that someone will be known as the science that gives to others. "Do not be stingy to share knowledge for fear of being rivals," said Professor who enjoys the game of table tennis.


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