Student Activity Units

Lingkungan Seni Sunda ITB (LSS ITB)

Lingkungan Seni Sunda (LSS) or Sunda Arts Society is a student activity unit at ITB that is engaged in Sundanese arts and culture. LSS has several activities such as routine art practice, independent performances, performances on campus events, and others. These activities are usually carried out at the LSS secretariat located in the West Campus (West CC) ITB. The unit which was established on the 15th of Aril 1971 has five major activities, namely the Agenda of Badag, the Mimitran Anyar Program (PMA), Pasanggiri Rampak Sekar (PRS), and Lustrum.
Lustrum is a performance that is held every 5 years. Pasanggiri Rampak Sekar is a Sundanese language choir competition in West Java. The admission of its own members is called Mimitran Anyar Program (PMA) with applicants of around 200 students each year. While for the activities that will be held shortly is the Agenda of Badag, an annual staging of LSS ITB with the theme "Niskala Parahyangan" for this year. The Badag Agenda will be held on the 25th of May 2019. Information on the activities of the LSB ITB can be seen on the instagram: @lss_itb.

Unit Kesenian Sumatera Utara (UKSU ITB)

The North Sumatra Arts Unit (UKSU-ITB) is an ITB students’ unit that engaged in the preservation of North Sumatra culture. The unit which was formed on December 23, 1978 houses 7 ethnic groups in North Sumatra, namely Toba, Karo, Pak-pak, Simalungun, Mandailing, Nias, and Melayu.

UKSU-ITB is actively involved events at ITB such as becoming dancers at the Open House Unit event, opening of OSKM ITB, and others. In addition, UKSU-ITB also sent the Horas Jepang Team which performed "7th Ethnic Dance of North Sumatra" on the Malam Cinta Indonesia (Love Indonesia Night) in Ibaraki, Japan, on January 6, 2018. UKSU-ITB activity can be seen on the @uksuitbofficial instagram.

Unit Kesenian Minangkabau ITB (UKM ITB)

The Minangkabau Arts Unit ITB (UKM-ITB) is a unit that specializes on Minangkabau arts and culture. This unit, which was founded on June 1, 1975, is a form of ITB student acknowledgment and preservation of Minangkabau arts and culture, and is open not only to Minang students but also to non-Minang students who are interested in learning Minangkabau culture.

UKM-ITB routine activities include art training such as dance practices, playing musical instruments, randai training, and many more. In addition, UKM-ITB also recruits new members every year through the New Member Acceptance Process (PPAB). The unit conducts campus socialization activities about ITB in West Sumatra through Zoom In ITB activities, performs at the ITB Open House Unit event, and many more. UKM-ITB also offers art performances for events such as weddings, art events, minangkabau festivals, and national and international conferences. UKM-ITB activities can be seen on Instagram @ukm.itb.

Persatuan Sepakbola ITB (PS ITB)

ITB Football Association (PS-ITB) is a student sports activity unit at ITB. PS ITB was established on June 1, 1975, by gathering students at ITB who were fond of soccer.
PS ITB has many achievements, including the third place in 2017 Parahyangan Sport Combat, third place at the University of Technology Mara Malaysia International Sport Fiesta in 2015, and many more. In addition to participating in competitions, PS ITB also organized several activities, including the TPB CUP as a sports competition for first-year students in ITB and ITB Football League as a football competition for students from different majors at ITB. PS-ITB activities can be seen on Instagram @ps_itb.

Unit Selam Nautika ITB

The Nautika Diving Unit ITB is a student sports activity unit at ITB. The unit was newly formed in 2004, and it has four main activities, which are skin diving, free diving, scuba diving, and conservation. This unit has a secretariat room in Saraga ITB and routinely holds basic diving training every week. Nautika ITB also has several annual work programs, trips, nautika home tournaments, and scuba diving certification.

The conservation activities carried out by Nautika ITB itself are an eventual activity in the form of coral reef restoration in a number of Indonesian waters, as was done in 2016 on Pahawang Island, Lampung. Some of the islands that have been visited by Nautika ITB include Harapan Island, Sangiang Island, Cina Island, Bulat Island, and others. Nautical activities can be seen on the @nautika_itb instagram.

Paduan Suara Mahasiswa ITB (PSM ITB)

The ITB Student Choir (PSM-ITB) is a student arts and culture unit at ITB. The unit was founded in 1962 by Bambang Pramono, making PSM-ITB the oldest student choir in Indonesia.
PSM-ITB has won many choir achievements both at national and international levels, including the 57th Concorso Internationale at Canto Corale "Seghizzi" in which PSM ITB managed to win 8 awards at the same time, starting from the 1st runner-up Grand Prix to best costumes. In addition to participating in the competition, PSM ITB also has a number of major activities, such as the ITB Choir Festival (FPS ITB) and ITB International Choir Competition. PSM activities can be seen on the Instagram @psmitb page

Loedroek ITB

Loedroek ITB is a student activity unit and association for students from East Java. The East Java student association was formed in 1983 with the initial name Guyu Sedaya Jamuran (East Javanese Cultural Arts Association) was then transformed into Loedroek ITB. Loedroek ITB has activities are always awaited by other ITB students each semester, namely Maen Gedhe, which is an art performance typical of East Java. Maen Gedhe has a different theme in each performance and usually contains the Remo Dance as an opening, followed by the kidungan, dharma wanita, and drama performances (maen gedhe) as the main highlight of the show. This performance is often awaited by other ITB students, both from East Java and those that aren’t from East Java. The ITB Loedroek activity can be seen on the @loedroek_itb instagram.

Liga Film Mahasiswa ITB (LFM ITB)

ITB Student Film League (LFM ITB) is a media student activity unit at ITB. The unit was established on April 21, 1960. It is divided into four fields of work, namely Exhibition, Videography (Film Knowledge), Photography (Photography Knowledge), and Kineklub (Film Appreciation Study).

The major activities carried out by LFM ITB included the screening of selected short films in Bioskop Kampus (Campus Cinema), exhibiting LFM works at the Ganesha Exhibition Program (GEP) with different themes each year, as well as film festivals attended by more than 1800 visitors in 2018, Ganesha Film Festival. The LFM ITB activities can be seen on their instagram @lfmitb page, @doksoslfm for the documentation of ITB activities by LFM, and @instalfm for the LFM ITB photography page.