Students Association


Mechanical Engineering Student Union ITB is a non-profit student organization bound by the bond of sisterhood and brotherhood. This organization was founded in December 1946 as ‘Himpunan Mahasiswa Bangunan Mesin dan Listrik’ (Mechanical and Electrical Student Society’. In 1956, the organization’s name got renamed as Himpunan Mahasiswa Mesin ITB (Mechanical Engineering Student Society ITB), and Robert Sufsidi as the first chairman. Currently, HMM ITB serves as an organization to fulfill mechanical engineering undergraduate’s co-curricular and academic needs. As a student organization, HMM ITB upholds college student’s role as academician, and part of college-trained society, and unity and solidarity of its members. ITB HMM ITB s HMM ITB’s famous jargon is “solidarity forever.”

Mechanical Days is a biannual event held by HMM ITB. Golden Indonesia 2045 is the state of Indonesia in 2045. In 2045, Indonesia is projected to have demographic bonus, a condition which the number of productive-age citizens are bigger than non-productive-age citizens. Hopefully, through technological innovation and autonomy, current young students can to accelerate the nation’s growth rapidly to become an advanced country. Mechanical engineering students have many potentials to realize the projections. With an united movement of mechanical engineering students all across the nation, hopefully it can create big impact to the nation’s growth.


Geological Engineering Student Union (HMTG “GEA” ITB) is a student organization of geological engineering students. HMTG “GEA” ITB was founded on May 6, 1955 by Prof. Sampoerno. This organization was originally named as Bandung Geological Science Society (PMGB), and used to be a part of Society of Geological and Mining Students (PMGP). HMTG “GEA” ITB has an annual event called ‘Ekspedisi Papua Terang’ (Bright Papua Expedition), a joint cooperation with PLN.


Mining Student Union ITB (HMT ITB) is a student organization with key focus in mining. HMT ITB holds Mining Games annually. Mining Games is a competition with vision to improve HMT ITB’s members’ soft skills and hard skills related to practical mining and mining software.