Student Board

Keluarga Mahasiswa ITB, commonly abbreviated as KM-ITB, is a student organization comprised of all undergraduate students of ITB. KM-ITB is in the system of ITB, but structurally, KM-ITB is not below rectorate, and KM-ITB has full autonomy of its organization. KM-ITB, as a student organization, is a part of democratic college society.


Kongres KM-ITB is the supreme sovereignity of all student organizations in ITB. Kongres KM-ITB consists of senator, representatives of student union of each study programmes. Kongres KM-ITB holds the highest authority in KM-ITB. Kongres KM-ITB’s authority involves decision making and supervision of all student organization orientations.


Kabinet KM-ITB is the executive body which executes KM-ITB-wide. Kabinet KM-ITB reports to Kongres KM-ITB. Kabinet KM-ITB has the authority to make decisions about KM-ITB’s student affairs policy. KM-ITB is also responsible to coordinate all student unions and student units, and to create programs to fulfill student’s needs, following approval from Kongres KM-ITB.

Majelis Wali Amanat – Wakil Mahasiswa

MWA-WM is an individual who represents all ITB’s students in Majelis Wali Amanat (MWA). MWA is the highest organization in ITB’s system that manages all policies in ITB. MWA is responsible for arranging and decreeing strategic decisions of ITB, and consisted of members from government, private sector and civil society. MWA-WM does not only represent over 14000 undergraduate students of KM-ITB, but also represents graduate students in the university and advocate on their behalf to ensure that the university policies are made democratically and aligned with the interest of the students. MWA-WM is elected through a general election, and is helped by MWA-WM team to complete its tasks.