Fun Physics by 102 FM ITB

Oleh Krisna Murti

Editor -

Bandung, - Saturday (24/11) 102 Young Physicists (102 FM) from 102 physics students of ITB held seminar entitled "Fun Physics". The event is regularly held twice in a semester. "We want to share knowledge with public, on aspects and problems of physics," said Indra Wahyudhin Fathona, head of 102 FM. "102 FM" is a study group formed as initiatives of several physics students of ITB from class enrolled year 2002. Their activities include studying physics as a group, designing demonstration devices, and doing private research. The study group actively investigates researches and examines physics studies such as basic physics, theory physics, physics simulation, appropriate physics, etc. The seminar presents scientific presentations given by physics students of ITB. Fran Kurnia and Indarta K. Aji explain "Nuclear as Best Friend of Environment". In their presentation, they explained that nuclear energy can solve energy crisis problem, environmentally friendly, and safe since it uses natural circulation. Beside used as source of power generation, nuclear also used as source of clean water. Process of nuclear reactor cooling in a nuclear power produces that clean water. While Thomas A. Edison presented "Physics, Nano-science, and Their Applications." His presentation mainly covered fabrication matters. In nano size order, material characteristics differ very much and quantum symptoms then can be measured. Thomas shared his experience conducting research on carbon nano-tube fabrication. Until this moment, he has not finished his fabrication since he has not yet found the correct catalyst. Nano-science application alone is quite vast; for example in industrial waste treatment, anti UV, solar cell, flat screen display, chemical censor, self cleaning window, and even secret messages. Topic of "Physics Computing, Modeling and Physics System Simulation" was given by Ahmad Ridwan and Hamzah Fauzi. Physics computing combines theory of physics with experimental physics. Experimental physics gather data while theoretical physics gather formulas. Modeling is very useful to be means of testing and prediction to develop new theories and new devices. Three steps to in physical system i.e building system model, finding the exact formulas, and computing to execute program. Besides presentations, the event also included physics experiment demonstrations on energy balance. They also played videos on physics experiments. Seminar Fun Physics ended at noon.

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