ITB and East China Jiaotong University Signed MoU

By Adi Permana

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*Rector of ITB Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi in a photo session with East China Jiaotong University after the MoU signing. (Photo by: Adi Permana/PR of ITB)

BANDUNG, – Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) signed MoU with East China Jiaotong University in the fields of education. Signing of the MoU was conducted at Executive Meeting Room A of ITB Rectorate Building, Bandung on Monday (12/8/2019). The MoU was signed by Rector of ITB Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi and the President of East China Jiaotong University, Prof. Luo Yufeng.

The MoU covers five main points, the first is to cooperate in the exchange of information relating to teaching and research, the second is to actively develop the communication of undergraduate and graduate students and encourage them to participate in courses training, study exchange, and other programs.

The third is to cooperate in joint scientific researches. The fourth is to encourage professors of both parties to participate in international academic conferences and seminars. And the fifth is to cooperate in summer courses.

In his remark, Prof. Luo Yufeng expressed his sincere thanks to rector and executives of ITB for signing the MoU. “I am very happy to be here in ITB and to sign this MoU. I know that ITB is a long-established university and is recognized in Southeast Asia, and I am happy to sign this MoU for cooperation with ITB,” said Prof. Luo Yufeng.

East China Jiaotong was established in 1971 and situated in Jiangxi province in China. It has 54 majors. He said that East China Jiaotong University and ITB have similarity in that both have around 24,000 students. The university opens majors in engineering, arts, law, and sports, but they are more focused on engineering, especially in railway.

“I believe that East China Jiaotong University can have future cooperation with ITB. This cooperation will become contribution to respective universities and countries,” said Prof. Luo Yufeng.

During the same occasion, Prof. Kadarsah as Rector of ITB expressed his sincere thanks to Prof. Luo Yufeng and his team for coming to ITB and tied cooperation by signing the MoU. “I am very happy to cooperate with East China Jiaotong University, even more so because China is excellent in technology-based transportation. I also know of China’s excellence in high speed train products,” said Prof. Kadarsah.

He hopes similarity between East China Jiaotong University and ITB can lead to a good partnership in the future. “I agree with Prof. Luo Yufeng to cooperate in several student activities such as research, innovation, application, and student exchange program,” said Prof. Kadarsah.

Reporter: Elisabeth Sirumapea (Management 2020)

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