Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology

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General Information and History

Faculty of Earth Science and Technology (FEST) was originally a part of the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Mineral Technology (FIKTM). The idea of splitting FIKTM arise because the wide spectrum of earth science and led to the dichotomy of science (science) and engineering (engineering). This situation resulted in the difference between the fields of science related to natural resource management, especially in supporting the implementation of the Tri Dharma College in FIKTM. Earth science fields such as geology, geophysics, meteorology and earth mepelajari osenografi to be memehami phenomenon that is beneficial for a wide range of matters relating to human life, including giving an overview of the resources contained in the earth. These areas contain a great science, but can not be separated from the content of its application.

While the field that examines the resources contained within the earth, in addition to requiring a basic knowledge of geoscience, also need to be equipped with various means and methods applied to menkuantifikasi potential and reserves, seeking (exploitation), process, and manage (management) the Earth’s resources in order to Applied fields that contain larger engineering includes mining and oil sectors.

Based on the above considerations, the FIKTM divided into the Faculty of Science and Technology of Earth (FEST) and the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum (FTTM). The purpose of the formation of both the Scientific Unit Serumpun (UKS) is developing a scientific institution that is more focused in order to achieve the vision of becoming the international institutions. A leaner organization has a means of better management so expect more agile and alert in memmilih step to achieve that vision. With more focus each UKS foremost it is expected that the role of UKS, including SG. and courses in it, improve, both internally and externally to address the various challenges facing the nation and state of Indonesia.

Expansion of the faculty is corroborated by:

  • Bandung Institute of Technology Rector Decree number 040 / K01 / SK / OT / 2007 on Amendment FIKTM into the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering (FTTM) and the Faculty of Earth Science and Technology (FEST) and
  • Bandung Institute of Technology Rector Decree number 257 / SK / K01 / OT / 2007 concerning the transfer of Geodesy and Geomatics Program and Group Scientific / expertise Geodesy, SG. Sensing and Geographical Information Science, SG. Hydrographic Science and Engineering, SG. Surveying and Cadastre of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty of Earth Science and Technology (FEST) Bandung Institute of Technology.