Faculty of Industrial Technology

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General Information and History

Faculty of Industrial Technology (FIT) was established in 1973. But, almost all degree programs under this faculty have started their academic activities before the faculty was established. After several changes, until December 2005, FIT comprised 7 departments, namely Chemical Engineering Department, Mechanical Engineering Department (offering Mechanical Engineering and Material Engineering Degree Programs), Electrical Engineering Department, Engineering Physics Department (also offerings master program in Instrumentation and Control), Industrial Engineering Department, Informatics Engineering Department, and Aeronautical Engineering Department. However, the establishment of ITB as an autonomous legal enterprise was deemed as an opportunity to establish a more effective and efficient academic management and utilization of resources.

Rector Decree No. 222/SK/K01/OT/2005 about ITB Academic Unit Management brought about the changes in the organization of academic unit. Based on that decree, the management of resources and programs was shifted from departments to Faculty/School. The Dean holds the authority to carry out the entire academic activities. Since January 2006, ITB comprised of 5 Faculties and 5 Schools based on the body of knowledge with the establishment of several new Faculties/Schools, one of which is the School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics that offers Electrical Engineering and Informatics Engineering degree programs.

The remaining programs, i.e. Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Industrial Engineering, Aeronautics Engineering, Material Engineering, and Master Program for Instrumentation and Control, remained with FIT-ITB. In further reorganization of ITB to enhance agility and ability to swiftly respond to challenges facing the country, starting January 2008, ITB formed a new Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering as stated by Rector Decree No. 245/SK/OT/2007. The new Faculty offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Mechanical, Aerospace and Materials Engineering. Hence, at present FIT – ITB runs undergraduate and graduate programs in Chemical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management (start on 2010), as well as Master Program in Instrumentation and Control. Two new undergraduate programs have been introduced in 2015, namely Food Engineering and Bioenergy Engineering and Chemurgi. The reorganization also grouped academic staff in research groups that would serve as the spearheads in ITB’s effort toward the realization of its vision and mission.